Passive - Safe - Credible - 70% Annual Profits - Daily Payouts - Minimum $40

  • Who Does the Trading?

    The company contracts to licensed professional traders to generate daily profits. These Trading experts have been leaders in the Crypto Currency space for several years. They have created amazing mining technology that is currently patent pending, a complete trading system based on A.I., a cutting-edge wallet, crypto exchange, peer-to-peer marketplace, debit card, their own coin, and much more. In addition to all this in the crypto space, they are also a licensed broker dealer specializing in Forex and stocks.

  • BTC Packages

    All BTC trading packages are individual accounts, not pooled. You can start them or stop them anytime and you can withdraw your principle and profits anytime. You make up to .66% DAILY on the 1/2 that's sent to the trading company to trade for you. These profits are deposited into your e-wallet daily for 365 days. After the 365 days, your package expires, and you get your original trading balance back. From each $40 BTC Pack, $20 goes to the trading company to generate your daily bitcoin profits and the other $20 is held to cover operations and marketing costs. You earn up to 10% monthly on each $40 BTC Pack purchased.

  • Company Mission

    The mission of is simple: We want to bring the secret of wealth to the world and give everyone the chance to take control of their finances and, just as important, their time. We do this by teaching basic wealth principles of putting your money to work for you, compounding the profits, and create leverage through our business plan. In addition to providing opportunity to people all over the world, we also feel that all good companies should give back.


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